It’s a PINTERESTing Thursday!

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Even though we all have very serious jobs, it doesn’t mean we don’t like to have fun once in a while. And that’s why Thursdays will be our day of fun blogging, and we hope you enjoy and join in! If you have a Pinterest account, be sure to check us out, give us a follow, re-pin from our boards, etc. You know the drill. So, here it goes. Our favorite pins from this week are …      ...

We’re Not On The List … Yet!

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TANA Members, I am encouraged by the response we are receiving to our new TANA PAC campaign. We are making significant progress in our effort to improve TANA and TANA PAC’s communication with our members. PAC dollars are investments in the defense and protection of our profession and your future The significance of contributing to your professions PAC is pushed by every organization:  Doctors, Lawyers, Hospitals, Dentists, Accountants, Petroleum Companies, etc.  The 2013 Legislative Session ended a few months ago, but PACs are reloading for the 2014 Legislative Sessions. Take a minute to read the following section of an article* published in The Tennessee Journal, “Some PACs already have stockpiles for 2014 legislative elections”. Pay specific attention to the chart on page three which ranks the top PACs in the states and how much cash they have on hand. Do you see anything that jumps out at you?  Look at the number of healthcare related PACs that are on the list! This is astonishing to me, and I encourage you to take notice. I encourage you to give to PAC and ask you to motivate your colleagues to do the same. Our goal is to make the list next year. We need ALL of you to be successful. Any amount of giving will make a difference. You can register to be a PAC member by going to the 
TANA website homepage at www.tncrna.com. Thanks, David Klappholz CRNA- TANA PAC-Chair   *Used by permission of The Tennessee...

Update from the AANA Conference

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The 82nd Meeting of the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists is under way in Las Vegas, Nevada.  Nurse Anesthetists from across the country as well as representatives from across the world are meeting this week to learn the latest information in anesthesia, to conduct the business of the association, and to network with colleagues. It is also an opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of the city that never sleeps. The meeting started off with an Opening Convention that included recognition of State Presidents, Friends for Life, Past Presidents of the AANA, and the current AANA Board of Directors. Awards were presented for the John F. Garde Researcher of the Year, Program Director of the Year, Didactic Instructor of the Year, Clinical Instructor of the Year, Rita L LeBlanc Philanthropist of the Year, and Public Relations Effort of the Year. Following that has been multiple lectures on anesthesia topics that are at the forefront of the field of nurse anesthesia. Sunday was an exciting day as the business meeting was attended by 526 voting members (a new record since 2000); President of the AANA Janice Izlar presented a report of the association. The strength of the association is still strong with 91.1% of the over 51,000 CRNAs belonging to the association. The report that our Federal Government Affairs Department is as strong as ever this year as they were able to lobby to secure a ruling from CMS that all CRNAs will be fully reimbursed for all services allowed under each states Scope of Practice for CRNAs including Pain Management. Also CMS ruled that Anesthesia Assistants can not bill QZ as independent practitioners, therefore establishing CRNAs position as independent practitioners. President Izlar confirmed the AANA’s initiative to strengthen state associations with the creation of a State Reimbursment Specialist for each state, in order to have a proactive voice in this ever so critical topic. Tennessee is happy to have Abe Abuelouf and Patty Cornwell as our reimbursement specialist. It was also reported that the AANA has initiated a Corporate Partnership Program in order to strengthen our association in the current healthcare landscape. Although relationships with the COA and NBCRNA have been strained this year, great progress was made to strengthen the relationship. Both organizations resigned service agreements with the AANA and the COA has entered into a 20 year agreement with AANA, solidifying the importance of nurse anesthesia education for many years to come. Continued work is ongoing with the NBCRNA. In regards to the relationships with COA and NBCRNA, the membership spoke loudly as they removed restrictive language within the AANA bylaws that required AANA to only use NBCRNA as the recertifying body of the AANA and COA as the accrediting body for nurse anesthesia programs. Financially the AANA is very strong and forecast for the future shows further financial stability. This AANA Annual meeting will continue through Tuesday of this week and many valuable education and hands-on workshops will be held to promote the educational excellence of the association. Tennessee is well-represented with CRNAs from Memphis to Knoxville attending the meeting. Your Tennessee Board of Directors has 4 members here! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the TANA Meeting in October.  ...

Vote Meredith Goldman Holtz

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Hello Everyone! I am very pleased that TANA has given me the opportunity to be a part of the new blog! My name is Meredith Holtz, but most people still know me as Meredith Goldman due to the fact that I just got married two short months ago! I was born in Knoxville, Tennessee to Mitch and Margy Goldman. I have three older brothers, although my parents always tell me that if they had me first, they would have been too exhausted to have any other kiddos. I grew up as a Vol fan in Knoxville, and I am pretty convinced that I bleed orange along with the rest of the town. Growing up with three brothers of course means that I am a tomboy and not afraid of a good challenge. I attended East Tennessee State University where I played four years of collegiate soccer, but more importantly my love for the profession of nursing was born. I earned my bachelors in Nursing from ETSU and immediately went to work at University of Tennessee Medical Center in Knoxville. With my sights set on becoming a CRNA, I completed two years work on a Med/Surg Floor before moving to the Trauma/Neuro/Surgical ICU. My dreams became more of a reality when I was admitted to the University of Tennessee, Knoxville Nurse Anesthesia Concentration in March of 2011. I am currently a junior at UT, but in a week I will earn the title of a senior, which means the countdown is officially on! I live in West Knoxville, with my husband (its still weird to type that), Bradley and our cat (although she acts like a dog), Luna. Last October, my 14 classmates, our fearless leaders (Dr. Bell, Julie Bonom and Terri Preast), and myself packed up and went to Murphreesboro for the annual TANA meeting. We attended seminars, watched my beloved Vols lose to that school from Tuscaloosa, but most importantly I began my journey as the Tennessee Association of Student Nurse Anesthetists representative. Being chosen by the students is an honor, but the big honor is getting to attend meeting and meet CRNA’s and students from all over the state! We are very lucky to have such awesome TANA board members on the front lines of our profession. In January, I was surfing the AANA website and found out that the AANA has an election every year to choose one student to serve as a student representative on the Education Committee. Ding! A light bulb went off in my head. I immediately scheduled a meeting with our program director to discuss whether this was feasible with our busy schedule. Without hesitation, Dr Bell looked at me from behind his desk decorated with photos of his wife, cats and Tennessee football memorabilia said, “Meredith, go for it, we will make it work. ” With his encouragement, and the always comforting cheerleading and support from Julie, Terri, and Alisa (our program backbones), I am on my way to Vegas to proudly represent my program and my state. My decision to run for the Education committee sprouted from the undying love for education that my parents instilled in me. For me, education is a life long challenge and if you as my friends, I RARELY back down from a challenge! George Washington Carver summed it up for me when he wrote “ The education of a man is never complete until he dies.” My personal education will not end after graduation next year, in fact, I am certain that it will never end. Below is my position statement that I am using as my platform to be elected as the student representative for the Education Committee. Please read on and enjoy! And if you find yourself at the meeting in Las Vegas, help team up with us to represent the state of Tennessee proudly! (And I could use a little campaign help too!) It’s 1:14am. I just finished my 9th case of the night and I’ve been let go to rest with my ticking time bomb of a pager until another case comes in. I am a junior SRNA at the University of Tennessee. As loud and startling as my pager’s call is, I still love the sound of it going off. I love the sound because every time it awakens me, there is a mystery behind what I am getting ready to step into. I love the mystery and puzzle of every patient that rolls onto my OR table. The demands of being an SRNA are such that we often lose sight of the bigger picture of what we have gotten ourselves into. With the combination of mental and physical exhaustion, we sometimes find ourselves just hoping to survive the day. I would be lying to you if I told you that I am not guilty of feeling that way. However, I would also be lying to you if I told you that I got into this profession for the money. As we all know, the salaries are not what they used to be, and the demand for education is increasing as healthcare reform sets in. Anesthesia nursing is at the forefront of the changes, therefore, the requirements to become a nurse anesthetist are also changing. We do not just need professionals in the field of anesthesia, it is imperative that we have professionals that want to teach and enrich the lives...

Change is Coming

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Wow! How exciting is this? TANA has its very own blog! I hope all of you are excited about all the new things we have planned for our organization. Change is coming, friends. And, it’s perfect timing. One of the things we learned from our survey this summer is that you all want to hear from us more. Well, your wish is our command. Beginning now, we will be posting regularly right here … on the official TANA blog, and we welcome your comments and conversation. We want our blog to be a place where you can come and discuss issues, topics of interest, or even just catch up with friends from across the state. Our goal is to use this platform in such a way that you will stay informed, be educated and get inspired. In addition, we are also creating a monthly email newsletter, so be on the lookout for it in your inbox! Now, let’s talk social media. It’s obvious that most of you are on Facebook. But, for those of you who use other social media platforms, we’re also on Twitter and LinkedIn. Be sure to check us out, like us, follow us … you know the drill. We know that social media is the place where we can really grow our TANA community, and we’re excited about using it to its full potential. We hope you all will join us in conversation, both professional and fun, and let’s all get to know each other even better. As the President-Elect and PR Director of our awesome organization, I want you to know that I believe in all of you and the work that we do. It’s important. And, as an organization, our goal is to help protect our profession. But that’s not all. It’s also important for us to unite together in what we do. Know that the TANA BOD is looking to engage with all of you. There’s definitely something to look forward to in the future. And, I’m excited to be a part of it. If I can help in any way, don’t ever hesitate to contact me. I’m here for you. All of you. Until next time … Mark...