TANA Members Attend AANA Mid Year Assembly in Washington – Student Testimonial

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Over 35 TANA Members attended the AANA Mid Year Assembly in Washington D.C. where they visited with our U.S. Representatives from Tennessee, and attended a Tennessee Tuesday event to meet with our U.S. Senators Lamar Alexander and Bob Corker.   Below is a testimonial from Elizabeth Roehner, SRNA from UT Knoxville about what attending the event meant to her: Traveling to Washington DC to represent the CRNA practice in the state of Tennessee was both exciting and educational. I learned so much from seeing how the national organization, AANA, plays a huge role in our practice by protecting and fighting for our opportunities to provide safe and effective patient care. There is so much activity that goes on behind the scenes that makes our daily practice possible, that it makes sense why our monetary contributions to TANA and AANA are a necessity. Meeting my Senator and Congressman showed me how face-to-face interaction with true decision makers can make a difference! These relationships are important to establish and nurture in order to protect the CRNA practice in Tennessee. I am so thankful for this opportunity and experience! Sarah Combs, SRNA and Elizabeth Roehner, SRNA from UT Knoxville in front of the Capitol...

Another Student Testimonial from the 2015 AANA Mid Year Assembly

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Here’s another testimonial from an SRNA who attended the 2015 AANA Mid Year Assembly. I would like to thank TANA for the amazing opportunity to attend the 2015 AANA MYA.  In my opinion, this experience was priceless in so many ways.  By attending the MYA I was able to not only become politically active personally, I was also able to connect and network with like minded CRNAs and SRNAs whose goals are to further our profession.  Meeting the senators and house representatives was a brand new experience and made me realize how important the AANA and PAC institutions truly are.  As prospective CRNAs it is easy for us to master the clinical aspect of nurse anesthesia but the MYA highlighted the “elephant in the room” topics that are often left out in the classroom; One of which is the business of nurse anesthesia. Rubbing shoulders with past, present, and future presidents of state and national associations was a major benefit to attending the DC assembly.  I was able to pick their brains and inquire about their paths to success in the CRNA profession. The networking benefit of the event was invaluable, I was able to connect with Stephen D. Smith of Georgia, Lena Gould, CRNA, Senator Bob Corker, CRNAs from Delaware, and so many others.  By networking and  having these contacts, it would be easier to gain employment nationwide upon graduation in July of 2016.  Thanks again to TANA, and TANA FPD, Vic Martin, CRNA, for the opportunity! Pelu Ogunyemi, BSN, SRNA Nurse Anesthesia Track – Class 2016 Class President Doctor of Nursing Practice Union University Union University SRNAs (Ian Bicol, Scott Awtry, and Pelu Ogunyemi) with Dennis Bless, CRNA (immediate Past President of AANA) and Sharon Pearce, CRNA (AANA President) Diversity in Nurse Anesthesia Mentorship Program Luncheon with Students from Union University Union University SRNAs (Ian Bicol, Scott Awtry, and Pelu Ogunyemi) networking with SRNAs from across the...