Another Student Testimonial from the 2015 Mid-Year Assembly

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Here’s another student testimonial from Darlesia Denise Smith, SRNA, about her experiences at the 2015 Mid-Year Assembly. The experience at the 2015 Mid-Year Assembly opened my eyes to what every CRNA and SRNA should engage in for the future of the profession. I had the opportunity to learn so much valuable information on the legislative bill process, advocacy, local and national policy issues, and how valuable CRNAs really are in healthcare. This assembly opened my eyes to how much time and dedication the AANA, CRNAs, Senators, and Congressmen spend to protect the practice. As a student, I felt so privileged to be able to participate in having a voice for currently practicing CRNAs and those to come. After visiting Capitol Hill and sitting in the offices of our district Senators and Congressmen, I do not take for granted the invaluable conversations and am very appreciative of the time they take to listen. It is definitely something that I will always remember and share with my fellow SRNA colleagues. Thank you TANA, Nurse Anesthesia Program Directors, AANA, and everyone else involved in making this opportunity possible for SRNAs! Darlesia Denise Smith, SRNA Class of 2016 at the University of Tennessee Chattanooga UTC Nurse Anesthesia students with Dr. Linda Hill, TANA President Julie Bonom, and Congressman Fleischmann UTC Nurse Anesthesia students Darlesia Smith, SRNA, and Meg Duggan,...