Happy Thanksgiving from TANA

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Happy Thanksgiving from The Twinery

Wow! It’s Monday. But, it’s not just any Monday. It’s the Monday of a short work week for most people (can we get an “oh yeah”?!!). It’s also a cold Monday in most areas of Tennessee . And, it’s the Monday before Thanksgiving. THANKSGIVING! That’s right. The year 2013 is moving on out, and boy has it been an exciting year for TANA! We’ve made a lot of changes, and we’ve had a lot of fun. And, you know what? We sure have a lot to be thankful for this year. To name a few …


Strength in numbers:  We could not be an effective state organization without the many talents, collective ideas, and support of our members!


Variety:  Having members from a wide variety of backgrounds, practice settings, and areas of expertise serves to educate our entire membership and help advance and protect our profession.


Students: Our student members are the future of our profession, and they bring to the table a wealth of new ideas and perspectives.


Mentorship:  Our members serve as mentors not only to our students but also to each other, helping to encourage and develop leadership.


Involvement: We’re incredibly thankful for TANA members who get involved – those who attend the meetings, serve on committees and contribute to the PAC. There’s a tremendous amount of work being done in this organization, and hats off to those who are doing it!


Service: Many of our members have served or are serving in the military and/or on mission fields. There are really no words adequate enough to express our gratitude for your selflessness and service leadership. You are our super heroes! Thank you!


Family: We all know that our career is not 9-5, and those who know that best are our families. So, for that, we are thankful for each and every family member and the support they give us!


And, of course, we’re the absolute most thankful for each and every one of YOU! You make our organization what it is, and we’re proud to know you, work with you, and be your friend.


What are you thankful for this year? Comment below.


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