Are You Prepared?

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33598_1675928060953_5029117_nBeing prepared for the unknown, that is what we are trained to do as CRNAs. We arrive early everyday and set up our room. We draw up our emergency medicines for those outlier situations.  We are trained to be prepared and act swiftly and efficiently to a crisis if and when it should arise. It is engrained in the DNA of CRNAs to be prepared.

Now that we are into 2014, and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, we need to be prepared for the inherent unknowns associated with it. There will eventually be a significant influx of patients into the healthcare system. The increased volume will cause the need for more surgeries and therefore more anesthesia providers. At present, the CRNA job market is tight. We are all well aware of this. However, a time will come when this surplus ends. There will be a time when there are not enough CRNAs to cover the OR’s. Whether this is due to the retirement of senior CRNAs, increased demands for surgical services, or other unforeseen variables, the surplus will end. So the question is, do you want an Anesthesiologist or Anesthesia Assistant to take your spot at the anesthesia machine?  We have to be prepared.

During 2013, TANA made significant financial investments in the future of its members. From engaging a PR firm, redesigning the website, creating a blog, to being more active in social media, TANA has made an investment in you, our members. You are the lifeblood of this organization. We defend and support you. The funding of these investments was permitted through effective fiscal management of funds that TANA receives from your AANA dues. We are committed to defending and supporting your scope of practice.

Like TANA, TANA-PAC is committed to defending and supporting your scope of practice in Nashville with the legislators. TANA-PACs does not receive one cent from TANA or AANA. It is only funded by the members who donate and support it. PAC wants to be prepared for any legislative battle that threatens CRNA scope of practice. To defend this, we must support those on our side and educate those who are not. TANA-PAC has established the following goals for 2014:

            We would like to see:

 TANA and TANA-PAC have and continue to invest in you. Are you prepared to invest and protect your scope of practice and profession? Take the time to evaluate the importance of what you have sacrificed. Ask yourself if $50 per month is too much to give? You spent a significant amount of time, hard work, and financial expense getting your degree. Be prepared, and don’t be complacent and let your career vanish before your eyes.


David Klappholz


  1. Sheila Keasler

    February 12, 2014

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    I have recently moved back home to East Tennessee. I am searching full time employment within commuting distance of West Knoxville. Do you have any leads for me or can you give me any leads??
    Thank you!!!
    Sheila Keasler CRNA

  2. Sheri McAmis Stapleton

    January 8, 2014

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    I spoke with you at the TANA meeting with my husband Steve. I was looking for some work part time, relief or full time at one of your GI facilities. Please let me know at your convenience.

    • David Klappholz

      January 9, 2014

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      Good to hear from you and hope you and Steve are doing well. I am not with the facility in Knoxville any more so don’t know of any needs. I will keep my ears to the group to see if I hear of anything.



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