Change is Coming

By on Aug 9, 2013 in Notes from the President | 0 comments

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Wow! How exciting is this? TANA has its very own blog! I hope all of you are excited about all the new things we have planned for our organization. Change is coming, friends. And, it’s perfect timing. One of the things we learned from our survey this summer is that you all want to hear from us more. Well, your wish is our command.

Beginning now, we will be posting regularly right here … on the official TANA blog, and we welcome your comments and conversation. We want our blog to be a place where you can come and discuss issues, topics of interest, or even just catch up with friends from across the state. Our goal is to use this platform in such a way that you will stay informed, be educated and get inspired. In addition, we are also creating a monthly email newsletter, so be on the lookout for it in your inbox!

Now, let’s talk social media. It’s obvious that most of you are on Facebook. But, for those of you who use other social media platforms, we’re also on Twitter and LinkedIn. Be sure to check us out, like us, follow us … you know the drill. We know that social media is the place where we can really grow our TANA community, and we’re excited about using it to its full potential. We hope you all will join us in conversation, both professional and fun, and let’s all get to know each other even better.

As the President-Elect and PR Director of our awesome organization, I want you to know that I believe in all of you and the work that we do. It’s important. And, as an organization, our goal is to help protect our profession. But that’s not all. It’s also important for us to unite together in what we do. Know that the TANA BOD is looking to engage with all of you. There’s definitely something to look forward to in the future. And, I’m excited to be a part of it. If I can help in any way, don’t ever hesitate to contact me. I’m here for you. All of you.

Until next time …

Mark Haffey

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