Memphis Student Nurse Anesthetist Foundation Wins Award!

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photo 1 (2)We would like to commend the Memphis Student Nurse Anesthetist Foundation (MSNAF) on their recent achievement!  MSNAF was awarded the AANA Public Relations Award for best public relations effort by an individual, small group, organization, or company not affiliated with a state association.  

Their activities and involvement this past year include:

Congratulations to them for this well-deserved AANA recognition!

The Memphis Student Nurse Anesthetist Foundation (MSNAF) is a student founded and student managed non-profit organization based in Memphis, Tennessee. MSNAF was founded in 2010 with the mission of bridging the gap between student nurse anesthetists (SRNA) and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA). Since then, this mission has been expanded to include promotion of the professional image of CRNAs; increase public awareness of CRNAs’ role in healthcare; support educational, scientific, and community events; and increase retention and promote education continuity within the profession of nurse anesthesia.

To accomplish this mission, MSNAF engages in a number of community service and community outreach activities. These activities include participation in community health fairs and health screenings, providing guest speakers to area colleges and high schools to promote the CRNA profession, and providing mentors to new SRNAs in the Memphis area. In addition, MSNAF has developed an academic and need-based scholarship program for member SRNAs as well as an annual continuing education seminar for CRNAs. The activities of MSNAF are made possible by member involvement in fundraising events throughout the academic year, sponsorships, and contributions from corporate and private donors.

As a result of the activities of MSNAF:

• The profession of nurse anesthesia and the CRNAs role in healthcare has been introduced to over 500 nursing students in the Memphis metropolitan area.

• The profession of nurse anesthesia and the CRNA’s role in healthcare has been introduced to over 150 high school students interested in health related


• Approximately 85 new SRNAs have been matched with mentors to ease their transition into the profession.

• A new scholarship has been developed for member SRNAs. First scholarship awarded on May 16, 2014.

• Continuing Education (approved by the AANA) was delivered to attendees of MSNAFs Educational weekend on May 15, 2014 and May 16, 2014.

For more information about MSNAF, their events, or to make a donation to the MSNAF scholarship fund, you can contact them at msnafoundation@gmail.com or visit www.MSNAF.org.

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