More Leadership Stories and How You Can Write One of Your Own

By on Jul 14, 2015 in Announcements, Board Updates | 3 comments

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We thought you might like to hear from a few more TANA leaders about what their service has meant to them.  Enjoy reading their stories below!  And remember, Wednesday, July 15th, is the deadline for completing your Intent to Serve form so that you too can join the ranks of these dedicated individuals and all the other wonderful TANA leaders.

“Serving TANA has been a wonderful experience, whether as a Committee member, Chair or Director.   I have enjoyed networking with colleagues across the state, meeting our state legislators, and understanding in more detail how AANA and TANA work.  As a full-time CRNA with a family, life is busy.  My primary concern when I got involved was the time commitment.  I can honestly say that the time commitment has been more than reasonable, and being engaged provides me with professional rewards.  Being a part of our organization who protects our practice rights during this dynamic time in healthcare is paramount.  Engaging with the SRNAs and mentoring them through leadership further insures our future.  Lastly, being active allows me to keep co-workers current and informed.  I hope that you will consider running for a position… you won’t regret it.”
David L Klappholz, CRNA, MSN, APN
District V Director

“Serving on the TANA board has been more of a delight than I had imagined.  As a new member I was unaware of the very difficult task of running our organization.  However after attending my first board member meeting I saw professionalism exuding from all the elected officials.  Also working with people like Lisa Bowler, her business associates, and the TANA “lobbyist” organization make for an even more enjoyable job.”

Eddie Milam, CRNA, APN
District I Director
“I have been privileged to serve TANA and the TN CRNAs in several capacities, either as a committee member or chair and most recently as Director of District IV for the past 4 years.  It has been exciting, and sometimes frustrating, to be in midst of meeting with legislators about vital issues that threaten and/or support our scope of practice at both the state and federal levels.  The passion of the those who serve is contagious.  It is rewarding to watch our state’s students become engaged and committed to supporting our profession as they, too, become CRNAs.  I have met people I likely would not have had the opportunity to meet otherwise.   You build friendships that will last a lifetime.  I am so proud to support our noble profession through TANA.”  
Linda Hill, DNSc, CRNA, APN
District IV Director


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