National CRNA Week – Student Spotlight, Part 3

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Meet another future CRNA, Kelly Woodard.  Read Kelly’s story about her experience before attending school to become a CRNA.  Find out how her career as a nurse allowed her to see the world and why her 40’s is going to be her best decade yet!
Kelly Woodard CO 2015 Lincoln Memorial University

Kelly Woodard, BSN, SRNA

CO 2015

Lincoln Memorial University

I received my ADN from Shawnee State University in 2000 and my BSN from Indiana Wesleyan University in 2012. My nursing experience includes 2 years as a staff ICU RN, 8 years as an ICU travel RN and 5 years as a PACU RN.

I feel blessed to have been a nurse for the past 15 years. My career has lead me around the world where I have been privileged to care for, meet, and work with many amazing people. I am excited about my future as a Nurse Anesthetist and look forward to continuing my nursing career for many years to come.

January 1, 2015 marked my 40th birthday, so this year will be one of my most accomplished years thus far. I am currently a senior at Lincoln Memorial University and ecstatic about graduating in December 2015!

Happy CRNA week!!

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