So, Where Do My AANA Dues and PAC Contributions Go Anyway?

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Ever wonder what all of your AANA dues and contributions go towards or why it seems like you’re frequently being asked to give even more?  Let me take a minute to explain where that money goes.

When you pay your AANA dues, a percentage of that money stays at the national level, while the remainder goes to the respective state you practice in.  Most CRNAs believe that those AANA dues help defend their practice.

That is NOT the case!

Each state has its own PAC, which specifically supports CRNAs in that state in dealing with the issues they face.  This is separate from the Federal CRNA PAC, which deals with issues on the federal level.

Both the State and Federal PACs can only address concerns at their defined level, and–here’s the key–both are funded separately.  So, if you’re only contributing to your State PAC, then none of your money is going to your Federal PAC and vice versa.  Additionally, if you are only paying your AANA dues, then you are not contributing to either your State OR Federal PAC.

It’s like leaving a large chunk of your assets (your career and livelihood) exposed to the threat of all kinds of risks, with no protection in place to defend your practice.  And while you may have any number of valid reasons for not contributing, the fact remains that these threats are very real.

thermometerTANA-PAC exists to protect you and your practice, but in order to do so we need your help.  The PAC is funded solely by contributions from CRNAs and SRNAs like you, and thanks to your support we’re just $560 short of reaching our original $5,000 goal.

Because of your generous giving, and due to the increased demands of this all-important election year, we have decided to increase our goal to $10,000.  We know that our members can rise to the challenge and raise this amount by our July 1, 2014 deadline.

Don’t leave yourself and your practice unprotected.  Visit www.tncrna.com today, click the “Donate Now” banner, and sign up to give the recommended $50 monthly (or $600 one-time) contribution.

Thank you,

David Klappholz CRNA



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