Top 10 Things NOT to do at the TANA Convention

By on Oct 10, 2013 in AANA, Making an imPACt, Notes from the President, TANA Annual Meeting | 0 comments

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  1. Miss out winning a brand new Apple TV because you were at the bar.
  2. Hit the SNOOZE on your alarm, thus missing the morning education session
  3. Spill your drink on Region II Director’s, Tony Chipas, laptop consequently shutting down the entire AANA.
  4. Miss going to the exhibit hall and seeing the latest anesthesia toys.
  5. Announcing to every CRNA your love of Star Wars by leaving your cell phone ringer on in the lecture hall.
  6. Let out a big “Go Vols” during the AANA update because you’re watching the UT game on your iPad.
  7. Forget to become a PAC member, thus allowing “Big Al” the car salesman to decide whether you are qualified to work in anesthesia.
  8. Take a nap and find out you missed the Dr. Don Bell College Bowl and Silent Auction.
  9. Forget to attend the PAC Dinner at historic Miller’s Grocery on Saturday night missing the epic event of the century.
  10. Forget to spend some time getting to know your CRNA Colleagues. (Who knows … you may be asking them for a job some day!)

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