Want to Know What the ASA Has Been Saying About You?

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Have your ears been burning?  Because the American Society of Anesthesiologists has had plenty to say recently about the quality of care we as CRNAs are able to provide to patients.  That’s their right; but it’s also your right to defend your practice.

This is a great example of why we need to support the efforts of PACs on both the state (TANA-PAC) and federal (CRNA-PAC) level.  If they don’t have the resources necessary to speak for you and your profession, then who will?

Below is an excerpt from a recent piece of correspondence from the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists.


What the ASA is saying about you…

As you may have heard, the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) have met with lawmakers on Capitol Hill this week and are up to their same tactics, mischaracterizing the quality care CRNAs provide in order to gain support from Congress.

Here are just a few of the statements that the ASA is circulating in Washington:

  • CRNAs do not have the medical education or clinical training necessary to make critical decisions during an emergency;
  • CRNAs cannot ensure the same quality of care, patient safety or outcomes for patients and any changes to VA health care that would allow CRNAs to work independently would cause immense harm and would severely risk patient safety;
  • The only way to keep constituents safe, as well as family and loved ones, is to ensure that a physician is present instead of a CRNA.

It is up to each of us to speak up and ensure lawmakers know the truth about the safe, quality, cost-effective care that CRNAs provide. To ensure that our message is heard loud and clear by our nation’s leaders, the CRNA-PAC is launching a four-week campaign today to redouble our efforts for protecting and promoting the nurse anesthesia profession in the interest of our patients. We hope you will play a part by making a contribution to the CRNA-PAC today.

We cannot control what others say — but we can and will continue to have lawmakers understand the truth. Now is the time to fight for our profession. Help us have our voice heard bysupporting your CRNA-PAC today. We cannot do this without you.


Dennis C. Bless, CRNA, MS
AANA President


Paul Beninga, CRNA, MS
CRNA-PAC Chairman



  1. Karen Jane Wilson

    May 10, 2014

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    I recently had the misfortune of becoming a patient. My electrophysiology doctor, Jeff Baerman of Knoxville paid the CRNA profession such a nice compliment. His opinion was that each and every CRNA he has worked with was outstanding and uniformly excellent in practice.

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