We’re Not On The List … Yet!

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33598_1675928060953_5029117_nTANA Members,

I am encouraged by the response we are receiving to our new TANA PAC campaign. We are making significant progress in our effort to improve TANA and TANA PAC’s communication with our members. PAC dollars are investments in the defense and protection of our profession and your future

The significance of contributing to your professions PAC is pushed by every organization:  Doctors, Lawyers, Hospitals, Dentists, Accountants, Petroleum Companies, etc.  The 2013 Legislative Session ended a few months ago, but PACs are reloading for the 2014 Legislative Sessions. Take a minute to read the following section of an article* published in The Tennessee Journal, Some PACs already have stockpiles for 2014 legislative elections”. Pay specific attention to the chart on page three which ranks the top PACs in the states and how much cash they have on hand. Do you see anything that jumps out at you?  Look at the number of healthcare related PACs that are on the list! This is astonishing to me, and I encourage you to take notice. I encourage you to give to PAC and ask you to motivate your colleagues to do the same. Our goal is to make the list next year. We need ALL of you to be successful. Any amount of giving will make a difference. You can register to be a PAC member by going to the 
TANA website homepage at www.tncrna.com.



David Klappholz CRNA- TANA PAC-Chair


*Used by permission of The Tennessee Journal

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